Welcome to the Job Clearinghouse of the NACT!

JCH now has a group on LinkedIn! If you are a member of the JCH, feel free to share leads and discuss the job market. You can access the group by clicking here.

For over 20 years, the Job Clearinghouse has been one of the most valuable services the NACT has offered. The Job Clearinghouse is a group of NACT members who are actively looking for a new position and are willing to share information on open positions among themselves. The Job Clearinghouse is the premier facility for job networking for senior treasury personnel and for providing assistance to members in transition. The Job Clearinghouse works actively with the general NACT membership, recruiters and other professional organizations and is also supported by an active alumni group who serve as mentors to the members. Since the NACT is a group of treasurers, it is uniquely positioned to provide this essential service to its members. Over the past year, 28 Job Clearinghouse members have secured new positions; approximately half of the leads for these members came from networking within the group. Many of the current members of the NACT have benefited during transition from their membership in the Job Clearinghouse.

During their search process, Job Clearinghouse members who are no longer employed are offered a reduced rate for continued NACT membership and for attendance at NACT functions. For employed NACT members, the Job Clearinghouse is one of the best single no-fee sources available to find highly competent and experienced treasury talent to fill senior internal positions.

The Job Clearinghouse web site is an interactive component of our communication program. One can access the various Job Clearinghouse web pages by clicking on the highlighted site addresses shown below. We encourage all NACT members to become acquainted with the Job Clearinghouse and to get to know their fellow members in transition. The membership profile provides a brief background on Job Clearinghouse members, their career objectives and contact information. This is great reference page when a recruiter asks if you can recommend good treasury personnel.

Shown below are the Job Clearinghouse web pages with a brief description of the site.

Joining the NACT Job Clearinghouse
Includes all application forms and fee structure.

Job Clearinghouse Handbook
Most documents linked to this page are in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). Use Adobe's free Reader to view and print these documents. Download your copy now.

Download free Adobe Reader
A guide to getting the maximum benefit from the Job Clearinghouse (pdf download).

Job Clearinghouse Members
Job Clearinghouse member profiles, contact information and resumes.

Job Clearinghouse News
General Information of programs, guidance, and networking topics of interest to Job Clearinghouse members.

Job Clearinghouse Job Listings
A synopsis of all Job Clearinghouse job leads, in Excel (.xlsx) format. Password access required and is available only to Job Clearinghouse members and associates.

Send Job Leads to the Job Clearinghouse

The Job Clearinghouse is dedicated to being the finest forum to assist members in transition and to fulfill the personnel needs of the NACT member body. Please feel free to contact the Job Clearinghouse Chairperson or Administrator with any suggestions, comments or requests for assistance.